Black Tagua Seed Necklace - Natural Artist

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This adjustable length necklace is made of tagua seed and Guandu rainforest seeds from Colombia. Wear it with dress attire or t-shirt and jeans.

Tagua is a seed from Central and South America. When dried it has the texture of Ivory, but it is a renewable, plant based material. Tagua has taken the place of using animal ivory and bone and helps sustain the natural eco system where it grows naturally.

  • Made from natural rainforest seeds of Colombia
  • The tagua "donut" is dyed black with natural, permanent dye
  • Adjustable size: 22 to 36 inches
  • Tie closure
  • Contains no metal
  • Matching earrings and bracelet sold separately
  • Handmade by talented artisans of Colombia